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Sri Lanka Institute of Training & Development (SLITAD) was established in 1998 to fulfil the professional needs of the community of Training & Development (T&D) professionals of the country scattered among diverse sectors, various types of organizations and with numerous functional belongings, including but not limited to human resources development function.  These T&D professionals’ needs have transcended their individual learning, and professional growth needs, to collectively contribute towards professionalism in the T&D endeavours of their organizations as well as that of other fellow Sri Lankan organizations. Thus, SLITAD has been able to establish more visibility and recognition for the T&D profession while contributing towards educating the young students to mould them as T&D professionals and ensuring the continuing professional development of practising T&D professionals over a couple of decades.

SLITAD is a Professional Institute managed by an Executive Council (EXCO) led by a President. The Institute is an Institutional Member of ARTDO INTERNATIONAL (Asian Regional Training and Development Organization), 

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You can join SLITAD study programmes, professional courses and training workshops. Based on prior learning and experience, you can become a Member and look forward to your continuous professional development journey.

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There are opportunities to partner with SLITAD. We provide public training programmes as well as many customized training workshops and management consultancy projects. Your organization can also become an institutional member and to collaborate as a strategic partner in developing your competitive advantage through developing people.


To be a centre of excellence in building competencies in order to countenance potential changes in people and organizations.


To create, acquire and transfer knowledge and modifying the behavior of Human Resources by training and development, in order to reflect new knowledge and insights.

Profile & Objectives

SLITAD seeks to bring together and institutions from Government, Industry and Education to evolve and develop HRD practices in Sri Lanka.

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SLITAD Webinar No. 2
17 Sep
SLITAD Webinar No. 2
2021-09-17 07:00 PM - 2021-09-17 08:00 PM