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Mr. Achilles Joseph Founder of Sri Lanka Institute of Training & Development passed away in December 2007 after a brief illness, which is a tremendous loss for HRD profession in Sri Lanka. Mr. Joseph had early education at St. Patrick College Jaffna and joined the Sri Lanka Police and had a distinguished career which took him to the position of Deputy Inspector General of Police.

He was live wire of the Institute of Personnel Management ( IPM ). He gave his best to IPM in whatever capacity he served. Mr. Joseph was actively involved with IPM at a period when it had very limited physical resources and manpower resources. It was customary then for council members to spent substantial time for IPM work Mr. Joseph mobilized many resources at his disposal with his charismatic influence for the advancement of IPM….. As Director of studies which was an honorary job at that time and was instrumental in improving the quality of IPM study courses. Many council members today happen to be his students at IPM.

One time head of Police training college, Mr. Joseph was a firm believer of Human Resources Development. He founded Sri Lanka Institute of Training & Development ( SLITAD ) which would serve as a lasting monument to his dedication to HRD in our country. Mr. Joseph was a very popular trainer and was keen in IPM & SLITAD conducting programmes in all parts of the island including the North & East as well.

He was an academic practitioner, consultant and trainer, all in one. He was fluent in all three languages and used this talent well to serve the community. He was a role model for the younger generation of HR professionals in the country. He touched the lives of thousands of people in this country in his efforts of Human Resource Development which he considered as the noblest profession. In the latter part of his life he devoted all his time and energy to take SLITAD to greater heights. He wanted his legacy continued. He wished that SLITAD would continue to function on the values on which it was founded.